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I just turned 65.  I hear talk around the VA about our benefits being depleted.  I am 100% disabled.  I hear the VA planning to discontinue individual unemployability for veterans over 65 in 2020.  Is this true?

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A1:  Congress is actually the ones who have been trying to eliminate IU at 62 (the age most of us older veterans can start drawing Social Security) for any veteran who is not 100% P&T. It's come up during the budget process as a way to reduce the VA's budget. Sort of makes since, even though there are more adverse factors that Congress isn't taking into account during their decision making process. My suggestion is this, if you are receiving IU, open a new claim through eBenefits in the hopes that you can become 100% P&T before you loose your IU; because eventually we're going to loose the battle.  (TB)  7/15/19

A2:  I am a VSO, and I don't have all the answers yet, BUT, the worst thing you can do is to listen to gossip. Nothing you hear talk around has guarantees. Trying talking to a VSO or Veteran Advocate.  (GL)  7/15/19

A3:  Read this. Any time you hear something search and you will find your answer. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2017/06/14/va-secretary-backs-off-plan-to-cut-elderly-vets-benefits/  (RI)  7/15/19

A4:  I've heard the same thing. I too am 100%, so I went to the DAV Regional Guy here and asked him. He said he was told Nam Vets are grandfathered but the VA is looking at Iraqi and Afgan Vets and having them revealed. Nothing worse than 2-3 million Vets protesting the WH, the VA and Congress.  (DE)  7/15/19

A5:  I'm 80% disabled,however,also IU 100%.It would be nice if we could know just what to do regarding 2020.This is so uncertain about what to do.  (MH)  7/15/19

A6:  It is hard to know what the inner workings of government are. Most politicians have never been in the military so do not relate to military service and some are real Draft Dodgers. Any benefits to veterans comes from tax. If taxes are lower over and over particularly for those who can afford to pay taxes then the government has less tax to pay out in benefits. People who have the most to lose are the ones who usually does not vote and many who vote are not informed.
When I lived in Europe working on a PhD I read essays in papers saying the inner core of the Republican Party, the ones you do not see on tv, want to bankrupt the U.S. Government so they can go to the people and say we cannot afford social security, benefits to veterans, Medicare, Aid to Dependent Children, aid for education, and more which they do not want to subsidize in taxes. This is the master plan to get rid of all social programs from FDR and LBJ that they dislike and that includes benefits for veterans. Without everyone but especially rich people not paying a fair tax then something has to be reduced and drastically to make up for the loss of tax income. One way is to cut veteran's care and benefits. Veterans today sit on their collective asses and whine but do nothing. After WWI the war bonus' promised to veterans were not paid and were simply going to disappear. In the 1920s veterans got up and camped out in tens of thousands on the Capitol Mall in DC. Army officers like Patton, Eisenhower, and Mac Arthur used machine guns and fired on fellow veterans to remove them from the mall. Some veterans were killed not in Europe fighting Germans but on the national mall in DC. In the end they got their bonuses. This is where we are today. Veterans are forgotten by the drop of a hat especially by Draft Dodging politicians. Write your representatives in congress there are three of them and the president.  (JD)  7/15/19

A7:  There has been talk in the Gov. As to this change. For this to happen I would think US CODE CHAPTER 38 110 would have to be changed by Congress. Not that the attide to stop benefits is new, our past Head of the Veterans admin was quoted as saying why should the government continue to provide retirement benefits for Veterans rated with unemployability let them live on Social Securety. Hopefully our Veterans Advocates can monitor and give us a heads up so if bills are drafted we can mount a timely defence.  (JM)  7/15/19

A8:  Have had it happen prior to this with one friend that turned 70 and they denied him the unemployability. The reason I see the VA doing it is figure out how much you get paid at 100% or even 90% with the 10% unemployability. If they take away the 10% that takes away almost 50% of what they pay you now. If you can claim SSI and get it not so bad but for ones that can not get SSI it is a shaft job by the VA. That is why the PR is always saying now much they are trying to do to help us veterans. I guess the ones of us that joined to serve our country probably think differently now or at least I do maybe I should have took off to Canada to avoid even the draft. After I joined the Navy and in boot camp got a draft notice from the Army so had to give it to my training officer to take care of. If I knew of all the health problems I would get from serving would not have went in even with a draft notice. The medical treatment is shabby at best and some have no choice for no other coverage. We all need to write to our congressman and hope they are veteran sympathetic and will pass a bill stopping the corrupted way the VA does business. If enough of us write then they will stand up and do something or lose our votes for being in office again. Best of Luck and thanks for serving even if they don't appreciate it.  (JRM)  7/16/19

A9:  Knowing congress they care less about us vet's.  (MA)  7/22/19

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