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The USS Buchanan DDG 14 was in Danang Harbor providing Naval gunfire support in 1969 and sent the wheel boat to the pier several different times and I was a member of the whale boat crew. I have seen this in print on the Facebook page of the USS Buchanan and since I was a Quartermaster it is also recorded in the daily log book I have also been in contact with Washington DC and it is in their records as well. But the Buchanan is not listed as one of the ships that is approved for Agent Orange and it's list of ships. I wonder why it is omitted?  Can someone look into this matter and help get the USS Buchanan and their crew at that time their rightful Agent Orange benefits?

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A1:  Reason is just like the 3 ships I served on in Vietnam was not full time there but 6 months out of the year for 2 and the one for picking up troops, supplies and equipment as well as taking other there. Money is why for the VA figures as long as they do not list the ships then they will not have to pay for conditions we got from serving over in Vietnam. Mainly just excuses to deny the claims that you did not put foot on shore and even if you were on a work detail on the pier they probably would not count that as land either. Firing missions just off shore after going up river they do not count that either. The dust, vetetation flying into the air and blown out to the ship off shore even if the distance is less than a mile offshore does not count to them. The government screwed up and now they don't want to pay up just as war restitution to the country and people of Vietnam they did not pay out as the government said they would and doing the same to us veterans. Write to your congressman and give him the evidence to prove you case and hope for the best. Best of Luck.  (JRM)  7/16/19

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