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Why are retired veterans being made to pay for Medicare in order to re-new their ID Cards?

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WTF are we, a Disabled Vet, 100& S/C, PLUS Retired Air Force, and still required to carry AND PAY FOR Medicare, VA covers all charges of out care under Managed Care, this is a scam !!!!!!!!  (JV)  7/16/19

A2:   I am a 67 year old 100% disabled vet with 21 years of Active Duty and when I turned 65 I was told my tricare would be dropped and given to me free as a part B section of my Medicare. And in the same breath my medicare would be 135/mo up from my tricare premium of 35/mo. When I asked why the benefits advisor told me the only citizens in the USA that get free medicare are Congressmen Senators and the President. Should the Veterans who are 100% and are lucky enough to make it to the age of 65 be made to pay.???  I for one would like us to exempt for the expense they have levied on us with a fixed income.  I have written my Senators and Congressman to express my concerns. The subject has fallen on deaf ears.  (RD)  7/16/19

A3:  We aren?t...we have to pay for Medicare or we lose Tricare. Funny how that is taking care of Veterans.   (GL)  7/16/19

A4:  Yes, why are we required to pay for medicare at all?  (MM)  7/16/19

A5:  Retired Veterans, once promised free health care for life by Congress, are required to pay Medicare premiums in order to be allowed to use TriCare for Life.  (JW)  7/16/19

A6:  Because the government is more worried about illegal immigrants and ensuring their free healthcare.  (WG)  7/16/19

A7:  You can opt out of Medicare and go straight VA. But here?s the catch, if you travel and need to go to a hospital and it is not related to your service connected disability guess who get stuck with the bill. I know from experience, 100% disabled since Nov 09, had one time when taken by ambulance to a hospital and it turned out not related to my service connected I only had to pay the copay of $125.00. As a VSO I recommend to all veterans keep and pay for Medicare 20% of a bill is better than paying 100% of the bill.  (GR)  7/16/19

A8:  Because they don't give a sht about us. period We vet should all get together and go to the white house and tell them enough is enough and know that ain't happening. So only thing left all vets to vote them out and get new reps that is the only thing that is going to work.  (CF)  7/16/19

A9:  All is correct. They (The white house)make a pretty face as though they are taking care of us.(vets)which is bull. I'm a Vietnam vet. I have been fighting for incidents for my compensation for 11 years. they only say it has nothing to do with my service attendance, WHAT; Are you kidding. Remember, I put my butt on the line for this country, was showered with agent orange, escaped death many times and they have the gauls to say it was not service connected. FAKE WHITE HOUSE SERVICE. All is a big LIE.  (JF)  7/16/19

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