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I filed my claim almost 9 years ago.  I been denied two times.  Reason given was there was not enough evidence.  In 1967 when I was in basic training we were threatened that if we went to medical more than three times we would be recycled.  Now because I did what they said by not going to medical and filing an office complaint each and every time by only complaining to my first sergeant there are few official documents.   I have been waiting almost 5 years to have a video hearing.  My last talk was with my VSO.  Just going to take time.  I am 74 years of age. Can someone help?   I am in debt and behind in my mortgage and drowning in bills.  I need help before I lose everything.

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A1:  Contact your Senator and//or Representative in Washington they have a veterans advocate who can help.  (EM)  7/20/19

A2:  I took Basic Combat Training (that's what they called back then (9 weeks) at Fort Ord, CA in May 1969. I got really sick and was placed in the Hospital. They told me I had walking Pneumonia. Here are the two things that I remember about my stay in the hospital.

1. With this walking pneumonia I was extremely weak, I was zapped of all of my energy. The illness pretty much lasted 5 days (short lived) either way at the time I was zapped

2. 3 times a day this Az H, E6 made the entire ward I was in go outside and pick up cigarette butts. To this day I flip out when I see someone toss a cigarette out of their car window, or say go into Walmart, or Home Depot and flip their butt on the ground. Depending on my mood I have more times than I can remember walk up to these people and say something to them, believe me it strikes a serious nerve, all goes back to police call while I has a core temperature of 102's. I'm sure some of you can relate.

3. On my 3rd day in the hospital my Basic Commander & 1st Sgt came to visit me. I can remember how nice they were. They asked me if I needed anything and I asked them to somehow Please do NOT recycle me. I wanted to graduate with my Class. I said I would do anything to catch up with what I missed. Crazy thing, my Commander told the 1st Sgt to have some Cadre (Pfc's who already completed Basic, and were waiting for their assignments to come to my bedside and catch me up on what I had missed. These Pfc's caught me up and I graduated with my Class of 1969.

I will never remember that. I was in when it was common to have the Drill Sgts smack the trainees around. I actually fell Zzz standing up when the next thing I remember was I was flat on my back. One Drill Sgt smacked me in the chest and hit me in the chest like a sledgehammer.

Sorry you had to put up with such hard core AH's in Basic, I was pretty fortunate, by the way, I got out in Dec 71, became a Los Angeles County Paramedic x9 years, then went back into the Army, Warrant Officer Academy, followed by Flight School ( Hueys then Blavkhawks, retired in 1997, then was asked if I would come out of retirement in 2007 x 3 years to support the 1st Cav, they needed senior Warrants and experienced Blackhawk Pilots, my wife and I said sure why not, then retired second time in Nov 2010, flew EMS helicopters x6+ years and said enough of this. Hope you win your case good luck buddy.  (MB)  7/20/19

A3:  I got hurt in basic training, tore the ligament and locked my right knee. For the past 20 years I've been fighting this all they tell me is that my fill got burned in St Louis. I was in the hospital for 6 weeks after that the hospital released me I went and talked to the my drill sergeant and he said I had to finish my basic training, all I needed was to take the PT test, so I had to leave and was sleeping in the street for 3 days, I didn't have money. After the 3rd day I went to talk to drill sergeant Brothers and he had another drill sergeant let me stay in the apartment he was not usin, no food but at list I had a bed and shower. After the group was getting to graduate. I took the PT test and passed. This was in Fort jackson s SC.... I left from there to Fort McLaughlin..... I've been having problems ever since with my leg, known it's my hip and my ankle always in pain. I am still trying to see who would help me too. Veterans are not very important right I am 66 years old this happened in 1976!  (OT)  7/20/19

A4:  You are going to have to call the White House Dept of Veteran Affairs
1-844-698-2311 And you will need your file number.  I had video trail they still say I need more documents I got got ticket and send an email to the President, I hpoe he gets it.The VA is real goo about covering their tails.Good luck sir.  (GC)  7/20/19

A5:  Contact your U.S. Senator and/or your U.S. Congressman.  (TP)  7/20/19

A6:  Lawyers are the way to go with claims these days! There should be a number of them available on line.  (DM)  7/20/19

A7:   You're probably not gonna like what I have to tell you. I'm also a veteran, I was hurt very badly while at my duty station. I was rushed to the hospital and put in traction for 3 months. I was given a general discharge as I didn't know I could fight it and have a medical discharge. I have had numerous MRI's, I no longer have a disk in my L2 L3 and my vertebrae are shredded and fractured as they have been rubbing together for 40 years. Hiwever they only give me 70%, I've had to appeal my case numerous times and they still won't give it to me they're saying that this was caused later not by the accident while on duty. The only thing I can tell you is you might have to contact an advocate to help you, call up Veterans assistance and ask them if you could have a number for an advocate to help. Good luck and I mean that very sincerely I hope it works for you.  (DJ)  7/20/19

A8:  Man - get help from the DAV - that is what they are for.  (CB)  7/20/19

A9:  Call Hill & Ponton Attorney 1-888-477-2363.  (MH)  7/20/19

A10:  What is your issue?  I do not see any issues just that the lack of being able to go see a doctor -- did you graduate from Basic, did you go to Vietnam or just what?  (LM)  7/21/19

A11:  First, what did you file a claim for? PTSD? Timnitus? Were you in Vietnam ? Are you able to obtain a copy of your military records? I am not a VSO abut I was able to file a claim for my VietNam Vet husband and it was approved 6 months later. You need records that might show something or possibly that you are missing something. You might have to file again and start over. Did you keep all the letters they sent you? Did you provide any evidence? I have so many questions about your question. I filed all of my husband?s claims 45 years after her served. And they were all approved. Let me know if there is anything I can answer for you.  (MAC)  7/23/19

A12:  You do not say what your problem is or how you documented it. You have to have documented proof that you incurred an injury or ailment while on active duty or active duty made your ailment worse. Your debt and mortgage has nothing to do with your claim. There are services out there that can help. Have you contacted any of your Congressional representatives? You have two U.S. Senators and one U.S. Representative. They can help get answers. Have you kept a record of all of your correspondence with the VA and sent all mail certified as proof that you sent it? You said you have been denied twice. Did you file a Notice of Disagreement and then an appeal? That is your right but they have very narrow windows to do this. This is to make you fail so you have to pay attention to it.You need local help and every community and state has different resources to help. Have you asked for help from the VFW, DAV, American Legion, your State VA Office which is not the federal VA? Don't give up.  (JD)  7/30/19

A13:  Have you gone to your local county VA rep?  Try the purple heart association. Also check with your local American Legion. May the good Lord be with You.  (BO)  9/13/19

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