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I went in ramp May 15th 2018. It has been 15 months. Why do they say RAMP is faster?

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A1:  I transferred my appeal into RAMP in October 2018. I just received a decision (favorable) on June 19. Later than they represented; however, the process did speed up. I filed into RAMP with no new evidence. Also, I learned about the decision looking at the eBenefits personal site.. They did not properly adjust my compensation so I had to follow up and bug them. Just got the retroactive pay this week. And now a month later, the Benefit Verification letter has not been corrected. You might check eBenefits and if nothing.. send an inquiry. Hope this helps and good luck.  (AG)  7/20/19

A2:  Check to see that has been put into RAMP. VA screwed mine up after 5 calls and then decided and now it's at Board and it will be another year. 3D VA, delay deny and hope you die.  (MB)  7/20/19

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