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As a snow bird, I go to SC for 5 or 6 months in the winter.  What am I supposed to do for care?  I can't change PC providers every 6 months, to enable me to use local clinic and the emergency room is too expensive.  But if that's where the VA wants me to go. I only have VA for medical coverage.

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A1:  Call your VA and ask for nurse coordinator. She/He should be able to are you up with VA Hosp or Clinic near where you winter in SC
The VA changes mine when I go to FL for the winter.  (AL)  7/20/19

A2:  Have you given any thought of paying for health insurance like the rest of us vets?  (SH)  7/20/19

A3:  Why are you making a problem when there is no problem. You can have your primary care in SC and the one at home. You go home to your doctor and in the winter you see your other doctor. Simple. You are not glued to anybody. The VA cannot tell you where to go for care within the VA system. How did you get that idea?  (JD)  7/30/19

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