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My question, I am rated at 80% but was given IU where I am paid at 100%. Should I keep submitting claims to raise my 80% or should I leave well enough alone?  I am 72 years old and am hearing and reading that the IU will be eliminated or will the current people receiving IU be grandfathered in?

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A1:  I too am IU but 100%. While I am grateful for the Government helping us I am a bit Leary. I'd leave well enough alone. A vet friend of mine was 70% and file another claim, they did a C&P and found he was 'getting better' and knocked him down to 40%. The C&P was not done by a VA dr....good luck!  (DE)  7/23/19

A2:  As far as I've read, anyone who has received it prior to 2020, will be grandfathered in. It's just anyone who starts receiving it in 2020 and after. But, I could be mistaken. It's just what I have read/heard about it.  (SM)  7/23/19

A3:  I would leave well enough alone and not worry about it. you are drawing 100% so enjoy it without living in worry.  (RI)  7/23/19

A4:  I too am 80% n IU paid, I receive CRSC from USMC instead of Retired Pay n is tax free n permanent. So my VSO says I won't loose anything. I mention this only so you know if you were in combat n you are retired military you may qualify for CRSC.  (AR)  7/23/19

A5:  Wellllllllll, the answer is quite simple: If Congress decides to remove IU from ALL veterans when they turn 62 (the age most of us can draw Social Security) there WILL NOT be any grandfathering done if Congress decides ALL means ALL. With that in mind, and with some of the erroneous stories floating around, if you have been found to be service connected for a physical condition, my suggestion is to get on eBenefits and take charge of your future and open a claim for worsening conditions. Additionally, get a premium account with MyHealtheVet and file for any and all problem list items which might be service connected; knowing that there are now around 830 possible service connected disabilities (not to mention any secondary possibilities). As I tell every veteran I work with regarding this matter, if your physical and emotional disabilities are legit, you should not fear opening a claim. Please don't worry about what might happen; if you don't take charge of your future benefits don't be surprised when someone takes them away from you. FYI: to date I have assisted hundreds of veterans who were IU to file for, and who have received, 100% P&T; getting out from the threat of loosing their IU 100%. Your choice, act or not, it's your future.  (TB)  7/23/19

A6:  If I were you I would check with a VSO in your area. I have read that if you are currently receiving IU that it would not be taken away if the requirements are changed. I am the same age and was rated 90% with IU but I chose to revile with more problems and was then rated at 100%. I am not sure if the IU stayed with me but I have been told that once you reach a certain age you are unemployable by the VA. But like I said you should talk to a VSO.  (AM)  7/23/19

A7:  Yes IU will be eliminated if you are receiving social security benefits,,thats how i understand..if you are not receiving social security benefits your monetary compensation stays as it is,,because you will be under poverty line if they remove your IU benefits.  (JD)  7/23/19

A8:  AT 1 TIME i WAS 100%; THEN 80%; now 40% after being down to 30%. You can always protest and if so get a VFW rep to help you. They are the best.State your case in writing so you have a record of it. It took 15 months to get my decision back after an oral review where I had to verbally state my case and it was ok'ed and with back pay to the date protested filed.If you are hurting every day like I am Stress that verbally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (JN)  7/24/19

A9:  I have asked the same question to the VFW HQ Leaders and their answer is,:> We are working on it.   I can tell you this, If Trump loses in 2020, "We're Done."   The left will take it all away and give it to Illegals.   We were sent to war and earned what we got. But Illegals will "Get Free Stuff" on our dime.  Contact the VFW HQ Big-Boys and ask the question.  (CS)  7/24/19

A10:  I strongly suggest at your present age, to have a VSO in order to have your compensation benefits increased to 100% Permanent & Total Disability.  (SS) 7/26/19

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