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I have the completed VA form 21-0960L-2, for sleep apnea disability benefits questionnaire that my doctor has completed but did not submit for me.  My question is, how do I submit the forms (DBQ) my doctor completed and letter he completed to get compensation?

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A1:  You can either fax or mail it to the intake center that's for your area. Just google "va support of claim information sent to" and the va.gov info should show up, showing where to send claim information to depending on which state you live in. Since they have consolidated them, there are only 2-3 claim intake centers where all the information is collected, then sent on through to the appropriate channels. BUT, if you mail it, mail it certified so you have proof you sent it (and they've received it). Also, make copies prior to sending.  (LM)  7/23/19

A2:  It is your responsibility to get the DBQ from the doctor and take it to your VSO and he will submit the form with your claim.  (GH)  7/23/19

A3:  The easiest way, if you're on eBenefits and have an open claim at present, is to open that claim and simply download the DBQ to the claim. If you don't have an open claim, get on eBenefits, open a claim for sleep apnea and then download the DBQ to that claim. NOTE: By using eBenefits you not only take charge of your claim without a middleman getting involved and you can complete the claim electronically in less than ten minutes without waiting on "snailmail". Of course you can do as suggested and use a VSO; which could take months to get your claim filed. Again, your choice.  (TB)  7/23/19

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