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Omg!  I’ve been told by several veterans the VA has proposed a plan of budget cuts in mid 2019 to include taking a veterans home and assets when he dies.  And, if the veteran has any money in a checking or savings account the VA will take the money.  Has anyone heard of this?

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A1:  You have been listening to Stockade Lawyers. Have you never heard of due process.  (GH)  1/6/19

A2:  If you were to think back about your active duty days, one thing will come to the surface more than anything else.
The Rumor Mill. It was always rampant and 99 9/10 ineffective. I suspect this, no I can guarantee this will never happen. The backlash would be so great, VSO's would never stand for it.  Stand down, rest easy. That's one rumor that truly is a rumor .  (PB)  1/6/19

A3:  I sincerely this rumor is true. Contact you DAV rep to make sure.Any assests you own at death goes to your estate...not the VA!  (BF)  1/6/19

A4:  You have been listening, To many Demorats!  (DR)  1/6/19

A5:  The VA has no legal basis to start grabbing money or property. Let them try...(GB)  1/6/19

A6:  No but leave house to wife and congress should not allow.i could see it if the veteran owed the va money.  (JS)  1/6/19

A7: Sounds to me like one of Putin's trolls trying to antagonize the veterans and create chaos in the system, your answers are just a phone call or email away. What do you think the VA is for?  (WD)  1/6/19

A8:  I have not heard of this move by this alleged move by the VA. I strongly believe President Trump would never allow this to happen. GOD BLESS AMERICA and all who served.  (JR)  1/6/19

A9:  I have never heard of this. If so I will sell everthing I own and keep my money in a coffee can.  (GD)  1/6/19

A10:  This is not likely but is possible. Most citizens do not pay attention to government but it can have adverse effects on the lives of all including veterans. As a political scientist and veteran I have noticed there is an inner core of the Republican Party to bankrupt the United States. The reason is to get rid of all government supported aid programs from social security and medicare to caring for veterans introduced by presidents such as Roosevelt and LBJ because it is socialism. Tax cuts and the growing national debt is bleeding the country. Then conservative political leaders will go to the public and say we have to save the country and we can no longer afford social programs including those that help military veterans or pensions. This is the trend but few seem to be paying attention. Your concern is one method of paying for the shortfall in taxes from people who can afford to pay them but are too greedy. So your concern is valid but it is not imminent but the long term development will led to it.   (JD)  1/6/19

A11:  Not hard to believe this.  (WS)  1/6/19

A12:  You bet they will...they have already taken money from me due to a 'SNAG' they put in place during the Obama years. They block payment on your revolving account at the VA Hosp. then 90 days later (without notice) turn it over to the treasury Dept. for collection, which includes interest, and all without notifying you and not allowing you to pay the bill off. Held for collection with interest. Trump Admin has 'No Ears' for this problem, I tried to notify them. (EC)  1/6/19

A13:  This is madness. No, I have not heard of this. I live in the Detroit area. There will be certain elements of this urban area to be enlisted if this comes to fruition.  (RC)  1/6/19

A14:  Perhaps,and in many different acts misunderstood> But I know of none. When a person dies, with real property it is the State that along with the Counties that act as lawmaker and ensure the property is passed to the legal entity...probate.  (TJ)  1/6/19

A15:   I hate urban legend's they're worse than rumors.  (LB)  1/6/19

A16:  They cant take private property and the only money they can get isyour last va pension ck. Thats all.  (WS)  1/6/19

A17:  My husband and l have not heard about this. Would be great information to have. Maybe someone else could help with Information.  (LM)  1/7/19

A18:  To A4 (DR), A10 (JD), and A12 (EC) you are injecting Polictical B.S. into this forum. This forum is intended to help our fellow Veterans that really need our help.  To our Brother that asked the question. : There WILL be some budget cuts, but "taking a veteran's home and assets when he dies" is a fallacy.  Let's keep with the program: Help our Brothers, not spread rumors or inject Politics.  (RA)  1/7/19

A19:  Never heard that the VA will take money and other assets when a veteran dies. But certainly interested in where this came from and if it is factual.  (JF)  1/7/19

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