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On a phone C&P the "Doctor" stated that my neck size was 19 inches. This person never saw me. Also, I ask if all information was inspected, yes was the answer. I was waiting for the notes of a second sleep test, I got and passed on to the VA the notes after this phone C&P. How accurate can this C&P information be used?  As a person can guess I was denied, even though on paper it is stated I have sleep apnea, and changed from a cpap to a bipap machine.

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A1:  You should immediately contact your Service Officer. Never deal directly with the VA. Give this information to your VSO.  (GH)  7/27/19

A2:  What do you expect for I saw a V.E.S. doctor or should say a chiropractor for my diabetes makes sense right? Denied for degenerative joint and/or bone disease for my neck and spine but accepted for both my knees. I get paid at 100 percent with it being 90 percent service connected with 10 percent unemployability. Waiting to see how long before they deny me the 10 percent unemployability. Which means paid at about $1,800 per month instead of $3,172 per month. So will be time to sue the VA instead and will go for 3 million plus then do not have to go to the VA for anything and can see outside doctors and get some conditions taken care of properly. Tried to work with the VA but expect a shaft job anyway but giving them a chance and will see what they do. Want me to use a CPAP and be short of breath during the day when used it for 1 1/2 years and said forget it. Quality of Life is non-existant if they have their way. So make sure you keep a record of this type of treatment for the VA will deny it and then you will have the proof. Best of Luck.  (JRM)  7/27/19

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