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I have had three heart failures in the last year and had to go for emergency treatment at a local hospital that is not the VA. Can I get reimbursement from the VA for charges I had to pay for treatment received?

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A1: If your signed up with the VA I think you can. They tell you you can go to a nearest hospital if its life threatening.call the Pre authorization office at the VA Hospital.  (FU)  7/27/19

A2:  Get your a** into the Managed Care Office at the nearest VA Med Center, if you didn't have the hospital contact the VA while admitted, could be a problem, however, you always appeal and file the form for hardship, can't pay without compromising current lifestyle, rent, food, med co pays, etc. go to Managed Care first, if they will not help go to "Financial Services, very helpful  get well, I feel ya, 3 months ago I suffered a Respiratory Arrest, Cardiac Arrest X2, and pulmonary emboli, survived, I was at one of the best heart hospitals in the country.  (JV)  7/27/19

A3:  Was the VA called and informed you were at the hospital? See your Service Officer and allow him to submit your bills for reimbursement.  (GH)  7/27/19

A4:  You have to be enrolled in VA. Next, did you tell the hospital that you are a veteran? Did you, or have someone call the VA, within 72 hours and tell them that you were in the hospital.  (RC)  7/27/19

A5:  It needs to be an emergency that would be dangerous if you went to a VA hospital which was further away. The VA also requires you to let them know if you are in the hospital so they can transfer you to the VA hospital if it doesn't endanger your life. Contact a service rep or the DAV for help with this.  (GM)  7/28/19

A6:  I cannot improve on the answers listed from A1 through A4. They are good answers and all accurate. Did you go to the VA to have checkups in between heart failures? I think I would go to your Service Officer and allow him to submit your bills for reimbursement. If you do not know how to get ahold of a Service Officer, go to your local American Legion Commander and they will guide you in the right direction.  Good Luck and Semper Fi.  (GS)  7/28/19

A7:  Only if you're 50% disabled or more , or you're Service Connected for that condition.  (AJ)  7/29/19

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