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Without going in to much detail about my problem, I am getting from 70% to 80% back pay dated to 2010. I've been waiting 4 months for the VA to finish the paperwork. I was told by my attorney this could take up to a year for the VA to process my back pay, the VA told me it would take 3-6 months.  Is this normal?   I’m very frustrated and angry about this.

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A1:  I also had back pay coming after I won my claim after 10 years. It took the VA several months to send it but you are collecting it while you are waiting. That is the good thing. Just be patient and keep checking with your attorney regularly. Or your bank account if that is where you have designated it be deposited.  (CR)  7/28/19

A2:  There's nothing 'Normal' about the VA. I received 3-1/2 year back pay within 2-weeks of my award. The money started going into my direct deposit before I actually received my award letter. Good luck.  (JL)  7/28/19

A3:  It never takes that long. It's always done within a months time. Unless there is special circumstances going on, you should receive it within a weeks time. At the most two weeks. It usually comes following your decision letter from the VA.  (KJ)  7/28/19

A4:  Good luck in getting it in a certain time. My husband was also awarded an increase 3 years ago and we have been waiting. Every time he calls, it's we should have your problem resolved in 364 days. His is dated from 2008. Our attorney said 1 year also. Good luck.  (BH)  7/28/19

A5:  Yes, this is normal especially if you won on an appeal. No need to be angry or upset, it is the normal process.  (GR)  7/28/19

A6:  Typical VA delays, one dept says one thing and another dept says diff. just STANDBY and keep cool.  (TF)  7/28/19

A7:  It's very normal. When I started my claims process in 1996, it took only 2 to 4 months. Start to finish. I got it upped several times over the last 23 yrs. This last one started in 2008. I got my first award in 2011 from the claim, then they took the % away I'd just been awarded. I appealed. My second award came after 1.5 yrs. But it isn't correct either. Im still in appeal. It took 11 years to get both my awards and ive been in appeal this time nearly 2 years. They take their time. But you can always call your state VA rep...a Senator, and tell that person what is going on. Good luck to you! (JW)  7/28/19

A8:   I have one that goes back to 01, I was told when a substantial and lengthy claim it takes more Sig matures and reviews before a check is sent.  (MA)  7/28/19

A9:  You have to remember that you have to take into count the pay hikes that have been done since 2010. For example if your rate is paying you $1000. Month, you can't calculate $1000 x the months its going back too. You need to calculate $1000 back to 12-1-2018, then look at the rate for 12-1-2017 to calculate the year of 2018, and so one for all previous years.  (SR)  7/28/19

A10:  When I went from 80% to 90% it took about 3 months. VA does an audit and then DFAS does an audit. Both must match before you get paid. I don't know what normal time is, but mine was about 3 months.  (RC)  7/28/19

A11:  Yes! It will take time but they will send you a big check when your about to give up.  (BW)  7/28/19

A12:  Yes it is normal as everything has to pass through the department of treasury before it goes to the vet.  (BL)  7/28/19

A13:  It generally does not take that long. However, if you are working with an attorney the VA has to determine what percentage the attorney gets first before they pay you.  Also, if yo received an increase from 70% - 80% you will only get the difference between 70 and 80 percent.  (EU)  7/28/19

A14:  Having an attorney is what is making it messy and longer to process. He or she wants money and the VA has to verify they deserve it and are indeed your attorney. Lawyers are blood suckers. Unless you were in a court or filed a lawsuit they rarely are any help but will get a cut of what you deserve for your service. Normally it takes 3-4 weeks when no lawyer is involved. So 3-6 months sounds very usual. Good luck.  (JD)  7/29/19

A15:  I have a very similar situation. The VA admitted a mistake in how they calculated my bilateral neuropathy. I was increased by 10% back to February 2013. Their letter stated I would receive payment in 7-10 days. Ninety days later I received payment, but... guess what - it was for 2013 ONLY. They had the entire calculation on the back of THEIR letter. Now I went to my attorney and we have to file an appeal to correct the VA mistake. Now who knows how long this will take. I wrote to the DAV who has an office down the hall from the VA Headquarters and it was totally useless. NOBODY will just simply fix the mistake. I'm as frustrated as you. Not only with the VA but with the DAV whom I am a life time member.  (FL)  7/29/19

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