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Spent 6 days in hospital during boot camp but no record of it sent when I requested medical records. How do I get a copy of them? 

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A1:  Get Form: SF-180.......Fill out, sign and date it. Mail it to appropriate military branch where records are kept. All return addresses are listed on the form. Just be patient they will do the rest and mail you what you are looking for.  Be patient, but persistent, Brother! You will get them.  (RA)  7/28/19

A2:  Contact the hospital records section & ask how long are they required to keep your records & x-rays. You will then know if the records your requesting are still available. Good luck.  (VT)  7/28/19

A3:   I do not know when you have basic but prior to 2001 they did not keep all medical records or other records only a sampling or something considered major. They did not have digital recording and were concerned about space. If you do not have them then they are gone. If it is something major such as heat stroke, heart attack, broken limb you could search for the doctors who treated you or fellow trainees who remember why you were in the hospital to write letters of support. You do not say why you were in the hospital so it may not be something you can claim.  (JD)  7/29/19

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