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Me - 60% VA approved disability (with 6-7 more applications for disability currently under review). Question - My Daughter (who I have been receiving a small % of disability for) turned 18 and graduated from High School. She is continuing on to college (starts in two weeks). I was not aware I had to submit a form to continue her miniscule benefit. I assumed (faulty I know) that the VA would know that if she weren't continuing her education I would have notified them. I submitted the form to continue her benefit but eBenefits estimates it will be November before a decision can be made. When the issue is "cut and dry" WHY should it take months to determine the outcome? Also, will I be reimbursed for payments missed?  

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A1:  Yes, the VA will go back to the eligible month. You will get the back pay. For some reason, if you submit by mailing forms, it takes many months but if you submit through Ebenefits it is processed much quicker. This is not the case for all claims processed through Ebenefits, but it does for dependency. You will see that the over 18 benefit is much larger than just the standard so I wouldn't call it miniscule. The VA is an extremely large entity and although waiting sucks, you will get your benefit.  (JH)  7/30/19

A2:  Ebenefits puts a canned date in there for completion. Dependency issues do not carry a high priority. They work then when they can. You will be back paid as long as she continues on with school. They have thousands of these claims to work. Ask yourself why you should be put ahead of everyone else in the same boat? Be patient and they will get to it. Keep in touch with your service officer. They can see more than ebenefits shows.  (DS)  7/30/19

A3:  Being a Accredited Veterans's Service Officer this is a common thing. If you read your award latter where you were awarded dependent payment it will tell you when your dependent compensation will end the month they turn 18. When they go to college you need to submit the form along with their school schedule and the VA will reinstate the payment as long as they attend up to age 23. Now if they get married that will end the dependent payment. As with any VA claim it takes about 90 days to get processed.  (GR)  7/30/19

A4:  The VA does not "assume" she is going to college. That is your responsibility. When my daughter turned 18, her VA stopped, but she went to college and the VA paid her over $1000 every month. I am not sure if you qualify for the Dependent Education Program or not, but you may want to check into it. I don't believe VA for dependent childen 18 and older get a VA benefit that you are talking about. I am 100% so my kids qualify for the college payment by VA. I suggest you see your local VSO to find out what you are and are not entitled to. Hope this helps. Good luck.  (RC)  7/30/19

A5:  You shouldn't be attempting to tackle the VA System on your own. You should seek out your County Veterans Affairs Director (VSO) to help you maneuver through the VA system.  (JC)  7/30/19

A6:  Your daughter must be registered and attending. There is a VA counselor at the Financial Aid office of every college. She can go in there and they will help her fill out the forms to get the. She will get retroactive pay.  (WT)  7/30/19

A7:  Simple answer- call the White House Veteran Hotline 1 855 948-2311 and make them aware of the problem as you get your specific answers. If enough people bring these issues to their attention, hopefully they will make the necessary changes to eliminate others from having to deal with them in the future.  (KF)  7/30/19

A8:  Yes you will receive retro pay for the missed payments and you'll actually get more. Should be around $230 compared to the measly $25 you were receiving before. My oldest has been in college for the last 3.5 years and I didn't find out until after her first year. The benefit is good til they are 26 or graduate first.  (JB)  7/30/19

A9:  If it is so small why bother? She is not the veteran, you are. She could easily join one of the armed forces and get the G.I. Bill for herself which is very generous these days. Everything takes a long time with the VA as there are not enough workers to do the work. That takes money and with tax breaks for the wealthy who most likely did not serve there is no money available. When there is not enough tax revenue coming in you have to cut benefits and services and that is what is happening.  (JD)  7/31/19

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