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I have moved, how do I notify DFAS of my new address?  If I decide to change banks, how do I get my Military Pension Direct Deposit to my new bank?  

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A1:  Go to VA.gov. Manage profile Change banking Add routing # account # and save.
Call them too. It's much easier now.  (JM)  7/30/19

A2:  Set up a MyPay account and then change any information you need to.  (WB)  7/30/19

A3:   You can go on line and get the phone number to DFAS, call them and do a change of address and then if you change bank do the same with the new bank information. I would not close the old account until you start receiving your retirement pay into the new account and then close the old one and transfer the funds. If you are receiving disability payment do a 21-4138 to do a change of address and the Direct Deposit form for your VA payment.  (GR)  7/30/19

A4:  Call VARO-1-800-827-1000, listen to the promps that asks if you have questions about benefits. When you are connected tell the person what you want to do.Good luck.  (PD)  7/30/19

A5:  How do you not know that? Contact the VA or DFAS or your new bank.  (JD)  7/31/19  

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