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I received a letter from the VA stating that 3 of my problems had gone to remand. They informed me to wait for word from them for next step.  I went to a C&P for my hearing and sleep apnea. I was awarded an increase on my hearing evaluation and denied compensation for the sleep apnea.  My question is will I get back pay for the time from which I applied for the hearing which was about 4 years?

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A1:  Yes, provided you complied with the requirements such as an appeal within one year of the decision. You mentioned an increase in hearing loss. The detail of that could be interesting, especially with the court decision (appeal by VA for hearing loss for each ear), regarding total disability and rating.  (NB)  7/30/19

A2:  I got back pay (about five years) for hearing loss back to the date that I first applied.  (RA)  7/30/19

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