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I am 100% disabled due to Agent Orange exposure and consequently have ischemic heart disease and diabetes in addition to arthritis and gout.  My wife is my caregiver in that I am unable to perform daily tasks such as meal preparation, bathing or showering and driving to doctor appointments among other things.  Is she eligible to receive aid and attendance through the VA and if so who do we contact and how do we apply for assistance?

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A1:  Yes, search/check out the VA Aid/Attendance section of the VA web-site, it discusses the Aid/Atten requirements and how to apply....file claim!!!  (CM)  8/1/19

A2:  Do not listen to anyone about procedures. The only person to contact is the "patients advocate". Their job is to represent you.  (MM)  8/1/19

A3:  This may help with A&A. I don't believe your wife is eligible as a caregiver. https://americanveteransaid.com/

You can also contact your local VFW and a service officer may be able to assist with providing you more assistance.

https://www.vfw.org/assistance/va-claims-separation-benefits(RS)  8/1/19

A4:  Go to your VSO who has your POA and he will give you the form to apply for A&A. The form can be filled out by your Primary Care Physician at the VA or your Doctor who is aware of your health issues. These doctors can sign your A&A after completing. Then return to your VSO for submission.   (GH)  8/1/19

A5:  Yes I believe so after Aid and Attendance was opened up to older veterans. It is worth a shot.  (RI)  8/1/19

A6:  Hello, My husband is 100 percent. He is a Marine.  If you look at wages you can see how much your wife gets.  (RL)  8/1/19

A7:  Call your Veterans Administration Regional Office at 1.800.827.1000 and ask them for an answer, or your local VA Patient Affairs may be able to direct you.

Or you can ask your local County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO) for assistance. Got to National Association of County Veterans Service Officers (NACVSO) at https://www.nacvso.org/ and click on Find Service Officers at the top of the screen, and then select either County Directory and/or State Directory in the drop-down box to locate your local CVSO.  (ED)  8/1/19

A8:  Yes you are eligible to receive A&A with your wife being your caregiver. You should contact a local VSO one who has a certified claims representative who can file a VA form 2680 for you if you are unfamiliar with how to file it yourself.  (BM)  8/1/19

A9:  Spouse can't, but you may be able to, if meet eligibility for A&A which is SMC L for compensation purposes. There was to be an expansion of the Caregiver Program, also, if one falls into the period. I am not sure if they've rolled it out, yet, but you may want to research further or call them...https://www.caregiver.va.gov/  (MA)  8/1/19

A10:  Did you talk to your PCP at the VA? Maybe she can direct you where to get compensation for your wife caring for you. Is your wife enrolled in CHAMP VA now that you are 100%. Your CVSO should be able to help you with that.  (DE)  8/2/19

A11:  You need to get your primary care physician to help you fill out VA form
OMB Control No. 2900-0721. AKA as
Examination For Housebound Status or Permanent Need for Regular Aid and Attendance.  (MM)  8/2/19

A12:  Your wife wouldn't receive the aid and attendance, you would. If you want to give it to her., that is up to you. You are not required to give it to her.  (JK)  8/2/19

A13:  Every county in every state has a Veteran Service Officer for short V.S.O. or you may look for a Benefits counselor who also works for the VA. Call your county seat and ask them for information for the V.S.O. officer.  (JH)  8/3/19  

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