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I have one year left on my contract with the Air Force.  Last year I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and I have undergone treatment ever since.  I will not re-enlist, so when I get out of the Air Force can I get disability compensation for my cancer?

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A1:  Sorry to hear about your cancer and pray that all goes well with your treatments.

If your cancer was due to 'service connected', then you should submit a claim, with evidence addressing the diaginoses. If you work in an AFSC that has certain environmental chemicals involved in your duty, then you should be seeing by military medical doctors for your cancer.

Good Luck from a former AF retired chief and a DAV Service Officer.  (JL)  1/6/19

A2:  Before you get out make sure you get all of your military medical records and treatments. They just seem to magically disappear. Meanwhile where you served and when will still be available. In this way the government find a way not to link any of your health conditions as being caused by serving in the military. I worked as a hospital corpsmans striker and all our records were turned over when we had a crew swap and even I had no access to them after sick call logs, etc. I served 3 years 8 months and 14 days and did not have any notice from the military to get these records or copies of them. Best of Luck with your fight with a new war vs the VA. Goes on for years and years took me over 34 years of fighting with them and they still deny that my diabetes is the cause of my degenerative bone and joint disease in my spine but they accept it in both my knees. So be advised and prepared for what is to come.  (JRM)  1/6/19

A3:  You would receive compensation if the disease is active and there are residuals of the condition. Active cancer is rated at 100 for 6 months then it gets revaluated. It is important to understand that the condition will be compensated considering the level of disability it causes on other organs of systems.This will vary the level of compensation. Cancers in remission are service connected @0% which is non compensable. I would remain on AD until treatment is completed and process it via IDES.  (WC)  1/6/19

A4:  Please fill out the paper work now, do not wait for ETS ( discharge ), go to DAV NSO or go to County Social Service Agency at you home town, which county do you have?  County have Veteran Representative, DAV National Service Officer, AMVETS. American Veterans Service Officer. NO GHARGE and GOOD LUCK.  (AA)  1/6/19

A5:  My brother was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes just before he left the Air Force. He received Disability Compensation, and the VA has provided Health Care for him ever since. (BE)  1/6/19

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