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I have very bad sleep apnea.  It has gotten worse over the years.  The VA has me on a machine.  I never complained about it when I was on active duty.  Can I get paid for it now?  And if so how do I put in for it? 

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A1:  Never went to sick bay with my snoring because nothing could be do about it while I was on active duty. now if I don't use my machine my wife will not sleep with me because I am too loud.  (DW)  8/1/19

A2:  Go to your VSO that has your POA and file a claim. He will advise you on Sleep Apnea and how it can be filed. You can draw compensation if it is secondary to an existing claim.  (GH)  8/1/19

A3:  It depends. There has been a lot of blowback on compensation for sleep apnea, with some attorneys approaching Congress to eliminate any stipend. For example, I railed and spoke against one atty b/c I had a direct military cause for my condition (my submarine hit the bottom wherein I was slammed against the metal bulkhead, suffering extensive nasal damage, with no nearby surgery facilities...it "healed" on its own after several months, but the result was a severe pulmonary AND cardiac problem, which are related.  (RB)  8/1/19

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