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I am a 69 year-old Vietnam veteran and I just got award 80% service-connection for PTSD, depression, diabetes, and ISD.  I am grateful the VA has awarded me compensation for loss wages, but how long will my compensation last?  When will the VA cut me off? 

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A1:  Probably never.  (RI)  8/2/19

A2:  VA can cut your compensation if your disability improve so there really no flat answer to your question. I wish there were.  (GR)  8/2/19

A3:  Go to e-benefits,check and see from dd form 1172 if says you are scheduled for future examinations.  (MH)  8/2/19

A4:  It Depends is real answer. VA can schedule future comp exam if warranted however it is doubtful they will at your age & conditions. The term is "continued & confirmed" or "C&C" if no future exams - at least that was it years back.
VA could also do a review for certain conditions, e.g. PTSD. Then schedule exam to see if your disability ?improved?.  You should be fine but suggest you speak with an accredited VSO for more details. Hope this is helpful!   (SM)  8/2/19

A5:  As long as your conditions don't improve. You have several more options to list as claims.  (JB)  8/2/19

A6:  First double check with your Veteran Service Officer there is one per county where you live. My understanding that you have what is called compensation because it was service connected.PTSD. But if they gave you for diabetes that is part of agent orange symptom which is separate from PTSD.My understanding is you have to be receive the compensation for ten years to guarantee your compensation.  (JH)  8/3/19

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