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I have had an ongoing claim for residuals of heat stroke. I had a heat stroke during Navy training in 1982 where I passed out, was sent to medical care with a temperature of 108.5 F. I was denied several times but at the Board of Veterans Affairs I was awarded service connection. My claim was sent back to California where it was determined there would be no award for compensation. I appealed and the VA began referring to my claim as one for Hyperhidrous which is an entirely different health issue. I have that as well and since have filed a claim. How does one get compensation for residuals of heat stroke which still affects me today? I am very sensitive to heat and do get sick from it from time to time. This is not unusual or exotic. I even had the original treating physician supply a letter of support. Any specific advice would be appreciated.  

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A1:  As long as your conditions don't improve. You have several more options to list as claims.  (RC)  8/2/19

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