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I was diagnosed with Agent Orange conditions, and I received a little percent increase for my prostate cancer. I underwent the implant treatment and that has cured it; however, I am having issues from that in which I have frequent urges to go to bathroom, and when I travel I have to pick my places as I am going more often. My urologist is a retired USA Col. Though my cancer is under control I am having effects from it. How can I get that percentage increased?   

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A1:  File a claim and list all those side affects secondary to prostate cancer, changing sorbent material more than 4 times a days up more than 4 times times a night, plus erectile dysfunction.  (GR)  8/4/19

A2:  In my case - you're lucky. I had to hae a "Radical Prostectomy" - very aggressive cancer. I'm total ED and have tried everything - no luck. VA says that I'm considered "Cured" and get nothing. I have to go 3-6 times a night to the bathroom and so don't ever get a restful night's sleep - I'd like to see your Urologist!  (CC)  8/4/19 

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