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I am currently waiting on a decision from the VA on an Appeal to make my PTSD effective date of action retroactive to 1971 and/or at least 1981. I am also waiting for the VA decision on various claims on a variety of claims for disability compensation and pension. I received a letter from the VA just yesterday and it does indicate that the VA is working on the decision. I am in a dire financial stressful situation right now. My daughter is hospitalized with a blood clot and her life is in danger if the blood clot decides to move upwards. Our gas has been cut off and we have unpaid bills for the rest of our utilities like water, electricity, gas, and rent. I am suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, nervous condition, heart troubles, etc.  I am waiting on a determination from the VA, I have contacted the VA, and I am waiting. I am writing this message to see how anyone can help.  I have legal representative. Can anyone or and/or able to help me?

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A1:  If you have legal representation, that representative should be able to file a Writ of Mandamus. In that write, the representative might spell out the difficulties you're encountering. God bless.  (GP)  8/5/19

A2:  You can have your legal representative submit documentation showing that you are in financial situation and they can see about advancing your claim. You will need to provide documented proof of your financial situation. Also depending on where you live, financial assistance might be provided by your state or county veterans service office.  (CB)  8/5/19

A3:  My most heartfelt best wishes go out to you in your time of suffering emotionally, mentally & physically. I hope you're getting accurate responses from VA. To my recollection, benefit are awarded on service connected disabilities and begin with the date a claim was filed provided that they are updated until awarded. I'm not sure that you will get retroactive awards unless you filed in 1971 and kept your claim updated. Many of us out here could use that kind of financial help but the rules are usually carved in stone. You might try a GoFundMe page or reach out to some of the non-profits that give the kind of assistance you so direly need Good luck with VA. May the Lord smile down on you and help ease your pain and suffering.  (GC)  8/5/19

A4:  Immediately reach out to Veterans Associations like the VFW, AMVETS, and DAV. Contact community groups like Kiwanis, Shriners, and the Salvation Army. Contact your local churches. All of these groups have programs that provide financial aid to folks like you in dire straights.  (JC)  8/5/19

A5:  First of all I prayed for you and family.Second cast all your cared on him First Peter 5:7.Do not give up.  (MH)  8/5/19

A6:  Since you have legal representation I am unable to give you any advice at all. Have your attorney get with the VA and do an inquiry for you.  (GR)  8/5/19

A7:  Do you have a representative Am Legion VFW etc they can help you in many ways.  (DW)  8/5/19

A8:  Write to your congressman for assistance. Go to a local center asking for assistance for your utility bills. You may be able to do that once per year and will help get them back on or current. Contact Social and Health Services as well any may get food and assistance for your daughter not sure what the criteria is but worth a try. I did an appeal and never went anywhere and have never heard of the VA going back more than 5 years on back claims even ones they kept denying and kept pushing for them. Wish you that best of luck and hope things change for you soon.  (JRM)  8/5/19

A9:  God bless you brother. Hang in there. The other suggestions are all very good. You might consider getting your Senators and Congressman involved. While you wait though I'd suggest contacting the Semper Fi Fund at: https://semperfifund.org/. They do great stuff for ALL veterans, not just us Marines.  (TB)  8/5/19

A10:  They (VA) will only make your back pay retro back to the date on the origin date you filed the claim. Also the other disabilities you have been diagnosed with only file them one at a time, if you file them all at one time it will take a lifetime for VA to process them. If you have any questions email me your phone number and I'll call ya. Hope my explanation is is easy to understand.   (FH)  8/5/19

A11:  Call the White House 800 number that President Trump has set up and everyone that I have referred have gotten results.  (RS)  8/5/19

A12:  You should contact veterans organizations in your community. They often have funds to help those in need.  (MW)  8/5/19

A13:  Did you file form 21-526EZ? You could get a decision in less than 6 months. Also contact VA for some kind of help medically and financially - no harm in asking.  (SS)  8/6/19

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