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I am 70 yrs old. I'm 100% but on paper I'm not. When I pass away what will happen to my wife and children?  Will they get benefits of 100% or do they only get what I am told? How can I fix this so they will be taken care of?

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A1:  There are many questions that I have before I could offer you what direction to go in.  (GR)  8/5/19

A2:  If you die from a service connected condition or have been 100% at least 8 years your wife will receive What is called DIC. This is over $1000 but less than $2000 a month. She will not receive your 100% amount.  (JK)  8/5/19

A3:  You need to talk to a VA service officer.  If you have disabilities you might get I U.INDIVIGUAL UNEMPOYABILITY WHICH WOULD GIVE YOU 100%.  (FU)  8/5/19

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