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I am concerned about my benefits I have earned for my 20yrs and some months to this country. At this point in time I am being denied my service connected medication. I have received no written notification, documents, nor any verbal notification nothing in writing showing me or informing me why this is being done. It is as if I do not have the right to know what's going with my BENEFITS I HAVE EARNED FOR MY SERVICE TO THIS NATION. I feel this is bias and I am being singled out because I do not fit the image of 100% disability. I am as I was the day my rating was granted 90% IU Paid at the 100% rate. I have received no one or set some plan in action to deceive the government of every injury I was granted my rating for is in writing and verified by VA Doctors as well as Private Doctors. When did my rights to ask question about my benefits become NULL and Void?

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A1:  I basically had the same issue. I contacted my senators office and started a congressional after all the running around I got. Also talk to the DAV or VFW Case officers, and see if they can help you. My problem was because I did work at the VA as a police officer there.  (RS)  8/8/19

A2:  The VA does not ever reply to your concerns as their goal is to frustrate you so you will not contact them. Also government cannot keep reducing taxes and expect there to be money to pay for your and anyone else's benefits. Currently the goal is to reduce benefits not just for veterans but everyone to balance the budget. Those who never served and have wealth get their economic benefit. The budget and those who voted for it is available to see but it takes time to review that and few do. You have three congresspersons, two senators and one house member, write them with your documentation and they can make an inquiry on your behalf. They represent you. Contact the VFW, DAV, American Legion and others to help you get answers. We veterans need to all stick together or government will take advantage of us individually. The VA is under funded so they are trying to find ways to stop benefits. Your problem is in the White House and Congress as they decide the budget not the VA. Good luck.  (JD)  8/8/19

A3:  Have you been going to your Primary Care at the VA? If you have not gone in 2 years or more you will be dropped. I suggest you see your Primary Care and see why your meds have been stopped. Also contact your VSO and make him/her aware of your situation. I assume the VA is still paying your monthly benefits.  (GH)  8/8/19

A4:  Contact your Patient Advocate and I agree with A3...if you dont go to VA Medical or even use secure messaging, your meds will be dicon.  (AR)  8/9/19

A5:   A3 is absolutely correct! If you have NOT seen your Primary Care Physician in the last 2 years, you are Hot Potatoe! Number One Rule: Keep EVERY medical appointment made for you. Your Primary care doctor is the one that rewrites your prescriptions when they expire. Without that---NO Medication! As simple as that. Here's what you do: Make an appointment with your doctor, explain to him/her that you are not receiving your medication, he will examine you and then put in an order for your medication. Very, very basic and simple. No need to contact ANY Congress person. It's ALL right there at your finger tips at VA and your Primary Care Team.  Go, Brother, Light is running out.  Be Patient and Persistent!  (RA)  8/20/19


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