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Back in basic training I spent 6 days in hospital in Gulf Port, Mississippi.  I requested medical attention but none was there as I was looking to apply for help.  I believe it was sun stroke and ever since I have to wear long sleeves and use cream on my face when outside. Could this be claim?

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A1:  Sun Stroke or sun burn?  Had a friend who fell asleep on the beach when we were deployed and he had to be admitted to a VA hospital. When he was released, he was picked up the MP's and charged with AWOL (not reporting for duty (he couldn't) and destruction of Govmt property (his body). You may want to see what your in service Military and Medical records say as to being an in service claimable event. A VSO could decide that for you.  (AM)  8/8/19

A2:  I do not see how this can be a claim as it makes no sense. How could you spend 6 days in a hospital and get no medical attention? You cannot believe you had some health issue, you have to know. Did you have a heat stroke? Wear long sleeves and face cream has nothing to do with a heat stroke. Someone who has had a heat stroke that is severe has to drink lots of water, avoid being outside when it is very hot or in direct sun. Long sleeves and face cream sounds like avoiding sunburn and not a heat stroke. As you describe this you do not seem to have a case for compensation. You did not explain what the 6 days in a hospital was about.  (JD)  8/8/19

A3:  You can file a claim. What condition has this issue caused? When was the onset of a condition that this heat stroke caused? You need to see an Accredited VSO and bring a copy of your DD-214. He can request copies of your medical records which should show your hospitalization. The records will also show diagnosis and prognosis.  (GH)  8/8/19

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