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I applied for hearing loss with the VA and my claim was denied so I appealed it and it was denied again. I recently got a letter from the VA informing me that my appeal had gone to the REMAND status. I waited for several months for more information and what was my next move, I got a letter from the VA about 6 weeks later for an C&P I did the hearing test and waited for more information finally went for another hearing test where I was told my hearing is not so good. I checked eBenefits about 4 weeks later and saw where my rating had been raised. Will I be compensated for all of the time I waited for the VA decision?

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A1:  Yes. I filed in Feb 1997 for my 100 percent. It was finally granted in 2004. I received compensation backpay of $99,201.01 just before Christmas and a few days later I got my regular check at new comp rate. So whatever your new pay rate is you should receive a check for the difference back to date of claim.  (MS)  8/11/19

A2:  YOU should be compensated the day you filed your claim. GOOD LUCK!  (HA)  8/11/19

A3:  Yes, I say you will be compensated from the date of your first claim as you won on the appeal. I had one client who was finally awarded hearing after 10 years of appeal and he was compensated from the date I filed the claim for him.  (GR)  8/11/19

A4:  Dear brother,Yuo should be compensated retroactive from the time you filed for an increase of tyour disability.If you have any problems,contact your nearest DAV service officer.You don't have to be a member and good luck.  (PD)  8/11/19

A5:  You should be compensated back to the date you filed the claim. See an advocate and bring your denial paperwork with you. They should be able to figure out the exact date.  (RJD)  8/11/19

A6:  You'll get back pay from when your claim was first sent to the VA.  I'm the Post Service Officer for the America Legion and VFW in Warsaw MO. Feel free to contact me.  (ML)  8/12/19

A7:  I'm sorry for your difficulties but brother I am almost certain that you will never recover for your wait time.  (PC)  8/13/19

A8:  Yes, it will be retroactive to your date of filing your claim.  Here is another good for you: Next time when you are thinking of a claim and waiting for additional evidence, IMMEDIATELY file this form: VA Form 21-966 Intent to File. The date on that form will be your retroactive date for your back pay. Even if waiting 6,8, 10, etc.your back pay starts on the Intent to file date. You have one year from the date that you sign the 21-0966 to gather all your evidence and submit your claim on the VA-526. If you wait a year and are still waiting for evidence file another VA-21-0966 and get you another date again.  Be Patient but Persistent!  Good Luck, Brother  (RA)  8/20/19

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