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Could someone please tell me why in 1970 at fort Polk LA when we were exposed to Agent Orange there why do we now have to prove to the VA in our claims that we had boots on the ground in the Nam?

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A1:  I am not sure why but water to drink in vietnam were from wells that were drilled where massive amounts of AO was sprayed. So AO was evenly distributed to the troops.  (JM)  8/14/19

A2:  I was in Ft.Polk in 1961-1962.  AO was sprayed,however,the government doesn't acknowledged that it happen.  It just your word against theirs. (MH)  8/14/19

A3:  The only places that the VA has recognized for AO is Vietnam, Thailand and Korea from 68 to 71. The residue from AO I have heard will last as long as 20 years.  (GR)  8/14/19

A4:  https://study.com/academy/answer/when-was-agent-orange-used-at-fort-polk-in-louisiana.html
states as follows
There is no conclusive evidence that Agent Orange was ever used at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Several unverified stories have circulated pertaining to officers supposedly testifying to the presence of the compound at the military base, but such stories are mostly regarded as internet legend or local lore. According to rumors, soldiers were affected by exposure to Agent Orange sometime during 1967, but were treated covertly, and a cover-up put in place.
If you had boots on the ground in viet nam it is presumptive agent orange exposure.  (TB)  8/14/19

A5:  There are web sites that show how many gallons of the toxic agents were sprayed , where and when.  (DD)  8/14/19

A6:  H R 299 passed 382 to 0 but one man, Sec. Wilkie turned it down. Why??? There was over 19 million gallons used in Vietnam.   (TO)  8/14/19

A7:  Why do we have to prove it??  Because the VA knows we can't.  Don't ever believe that the VA cares about you. They care only about what they can get "out Of."   I spent two years stomping around and on Agent Orange in Vietnam and have "Pre-Cancer" being treated now.   We can yell about it until we go to the grave, and get nothing.  (CS)  8/17/19 

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