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I have applied for hearing loss compensation in the past and I never got it. What is my next step?

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A1:   Give up, thats what they want. I have filed and refiled and it is a waste of time.  (MP)  8/14/19

A2:  That could indicate 1 of three things. First either your entrance and exit exams do not show a 15db shift between the frequency ranges of 1000-4000HZ. Second, at the time of your exam, your hearing did not show enough of a loss (26db average. Third, you did not attend the exam. Need to know what the decision letter states to be able to provide guidance. Of course the next step is to disagree with the decision based upon reasonable rational as to why it should be granted.  (JH)  8/14/19

A3:  There are a lot of variables with hearing loss. Sometime depending on what your Speciality Code was in the Military makes it easier to reopen, a claim for hearing loss. I did one about 5 years ago that was denied 2010, and was able to prove that there was a clear and unmistakable error made in the original claim and got his hearing loss Service Connected. So more information the better way I can give to get it.  (GR)  8/14/19

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