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Not knowing if this question has to do with compensation or not. None the less I have had prostate problems for a long period of time and it`s all documented at the local VA Hospital. I even had a loss of a testicle. After having read so much documentation on AO I am wondering if I may qualify for Agent Orange disability. I feel it hindered my child bearing which I absolutely miss being without children. Hoping someone can help me in understanding this.

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A1:  If you were in Vietnam [boots on the ground] and have prostate cancer then you qualify! Not sure what kind of prostate problems you have. Did you have testicle cancer? Then you mite qualify also.   (JW)  8/16/19

A2:  Go see your local Veterans Agent and file a claim. Most Veterans Agents will be able to give you the information you need and help you file a claim.  (ML)  8/16/19

A3:  Are you on the Agent Orange Registry at the VA? If not go to the VA with your DD214 and get registered Then go to the VFW and ask for an ombudsman. Take all of your documentation and they will file for you.  (DS)  8/16/19

A4:  You never know.. First of all, you do NOT file a claim at the VA Hospital. They might diagnose the problem, take care of the problem and prescribe medication, BUT that's it. You have to file a claim for the problem at the VA Regional Office. There has to be a Regional Office somewhere near you where you can start your claim. Gather all of your medical records for the problem and proceed to the Regional Office and file your claim.  Be Patient but Persistent, Brother.  (RA)  8/16/19

A5:  Depends, need to prove exposure. Boots on the ground in VN. Blue water Navy in VN, Thailand AFB, there are others. Also, prostate cancer is a given if exposure is documented.  (GR)  8/16/19

A6:  You Must be diagnosed with prostate cancer to be considered presumptive for Agent Orange disability.  (JS)  8/16/19

A7:  Get in touch with a VA VSO (Veteran's Service Officer). They handle all that and I am 100% disabled from AO in Viet Nam. It sounds like you may be due some compensation.  (DP)  8/18/19

A8:  Find a Veteran Service Officer(VSO) at your local VA, VFW.They can help you file a claim. Have you considered finding a surrogate sperm donor. Your spouse would be implanted with the sperm. No one would ever know that it is a donor child.  You will love it like your own. Look into it!  (MK)  8/19/19

A9:  Please, get in touch with your nearest VFW or American Legion veterans disability advocate---NOW!  (GH)  8/25/19

A10:  If you were in Nam then you are qualified for agent orange presumptive diseases which prostate cancer is one of and is subject to disability compensation. Get on the agent orange registry and file for disability.  (RR)  9/2/19  

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