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Why was I never compensated for Agent Orange? I served on the ground in country for ten months. Have been treated for skin cancer for the last forty years.  Eight surgeries and still counting.

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A1:  In order to get compensation you need to file a claim on form 21-526ez, pages 8 thru 12, send it or fax it to Janesville, Wisconsin.  (GR)  8/16/19

A2:  The VA doesn't automatically know who all served in Vietnam and were exposed to Agent orange and other related herbicides. You have to go to your local Veterans Service Officer (County Government or Veterans Service Organization such as the American Legion, DAV, VFW, etc) and file a claim for compensation. Bring your DD-214, service history, and any medical documents regarding AO-related conditions, and file a claim for compensation.  (DJ)  8/16/19

A3:  Did you apply for a compensation? You have rights, but has to apply for them. VA will not grant anything if you don? t follows the procedures.  (AP)  8/16/19

A4:  Quite a simple answer: you didn't file for compensation. You see, you can have all the medical and mental health services you need because of your military service; that would be with the VHA part of the VA. However, if you don't ask the VBA to consider you for service connected disabilities relating to those VHA services (that would be through the claims process), you will NEVER get compensated. YOU NEED TO ACT. Please pass this on to everyone you know.  (TB)  8/16/19

A5:  Agent Orange is NOT considered a disease by the VA. Agent Orange is the cause of 14 Presumptive Diseases that are attributed to Agent Orange. But NOT Agent Orange itself. To make it simple, Agent Orange is the umbrella and the 14 Presumptive Diseases are under the umbrella. If you have one of those 14 diseases than you can file a claim for compensation. If you just write down your disease as being simply "AGENT ORANGE" you will be denied; No Such Thing. If your skin cancer is one of those 14 diseases, you have a claim. If not, VA will not pay.  Be Patient and Persistent, Brother!  (RA)  8/20/19

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