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Why does the VA discriminate against peacetime veterans that may have served in combat like Grenada, Kosovo, Panama and why are they not considered War?

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A1:  The VA considers some veterans to have served in a combat zone depending on the situation.  I recently, received a Certificate Of Commendation from the MARINE CORPS. It was based on thee different incidents one involved a firefight in the Philippines . The VFW does not consider it enough to become a member. I truly believe, that a Cold War Medal is deserved. The VFW published a book called Cold War clashes it listed countless countries where service members were killed and listed as KIA.  It's time that veterans deserve the recognition they deserve.  (DD)  8/19/19

A2:  There are two types of benefits (many more like burial, convalescence, etc.) that the VA can award. Medical benefits is one All veterans can qualify for these limited to a household income threshold. You have to check on that limit but many low income and low retirement income recipients qualify for those if financial situation exists because all are veterans. Disability compensation benefits. These are based on documented or presumed injuries that were service connected. They are available to all veterans with proper documentation such as medical records and/or service area stated on DD214. There is no discrimination there and no actual war zone service necessary. As far as What is considered a war or conflict zone, that is a Defense Dept. and VA issue as to how to categorize those areas. Surely you know how the government (VA) is a stickler on rules and regs. Perhaps a legal approach might resolve that.  (GC)  8/19/19

A3:  I was called out of class in my junior year of high school because President Kennedy mobilized the 49th Armor Division, of which I was a part, due to the Berlin Crisis.  We received our shots and some were sent on ahead to see how long it would take the 49th to move over there.  At that time, Viet Nam was breaking out, and they were trying to recruit soldiers to re-enlist for Viet Nam. However, we were not shipped overseas. I feel that I should be listed as a war time veteran.  I sent a letter to the Adjutant General in the state of Texas, but have never received a reply.  (MH)  8/19/19

A4:  In 1958 I served in Lebanon. Our unit was involved in firefights with the Lebanese and yet the only recognition we got was the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.  (JS)  8/20/19

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