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I have filled for high blood pressure ever since I got out of the service and have been denied every time. I had open heart surgery in 2010 and have been on medication for high blood pressure ever since. The heart surgery was approved along with prostate cancer, PTSD and hearing loss, so due to the fact I have high blood pressure as of the open heart surgery, why was it not approved?

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A1:  Should you have been treated fir high blood pressure while on active duty, get a copy of that, and then file a 20-0995 and show where a clear and unmistakable error was made by the rating official. I worked on claim and that is what we showed the board and got it approved.  (GR)  8/19/19

A2:  My recommendation is to file for hypertension secondary to PTSD.  (TB)  8/19/19

A3:  Here's one possible scenario. Were you suffering and being treated for hypertension prior to your military service? Some medical conditions are acceptable when signing up. If so, it was not service related. If it was diagnosed while serving. Another possibility is that it may be considered as a condition related to another disability rating in which case it may be weighted and lowered for total disability rating. Have you received assistance with this issue from VFW or DAV or some other veteran organization. Many of those service office officers can help you get re-rated or at least get you an answer to your question. Good Luck!  (GC)  8/19/19

A4:  Claim High Blood Pressure secondary Heart Attack. Depends how many times you claim it also.  (BB)  8/19/19

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