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After being wounded in an ambush I was sent to our rear post I was in and out of the infirmary for several months due to a bad leg that wouldn`t heal. Then we all got sent home by Pres. Johnson. Spent several more months under doctors` care finally I started to walk on my own. After thirty or so I get a letter from my old RTO telling me that before we got sent home our TOP posted the copy of the newest awards and I was on there for the BRONZ STAR. Guess that because I provided security for the other two guys while they came to air-vac. us. Now DeSorbo the RTO guy has a copy of the original orders with my name on it. My question is how or what do I need to do to actually get this medal? No need other than I feel I should have it for my own pride and remembering my brothers wo didn't make it that dreadful day.

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A1:  Try this website: https://www.archives.gov/veterans/replace-medals.html#how  (MM)  8/25/19

A2:  Go to your Veteran Service Officer (VSO) with a copy of the order and request a 'service record update.'  You may have more you aren't aware of, I did and had more medals coming to me that I didn't know about.  (FH)  8/25/19

A3:  Down load Form.....SF-180.....fill it out and send back to the appropriate branch. Request an UNDELETED Copy of your DD-214....You will receive an amended DD-214 which will actually be a DD-215.  All of your medals that are not noted on the original 214 will be on your new DD-215.  Be Patient but Persistent!  (RA)  8/27/19

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