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Have been retired since Oct.93, and have been using NMCP Portsmouth, VA.  Was told to start using VA Center in Hampton, VA.  I signed up on 05 Nov 2018, paperwork, says 30 days, HBA Rep said 4-6 weeks. Has now been 9 weeks.  Veterans ID & 1st Appt.?  No wonder so many depressed Veterans. Why is it taking so long?  Any Ideas?  Please let me know. I feel like another screwed Vet.

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A1:  You're not the only veteran filing a claim. There's millions of other claims waiting to be adjudicated. You have to wait your turn. When I first filed in 2004, VA claims normally took anywhere from 2 to 4 years. So now it takes under a year so that's Good.  Be Patient but Persistent! Good Luck, My Brother.  (RA)  1/23/19

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