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Where are the rules when I can ask VA if I can get outside care like Doctor, CT scan or anything I may need? 

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A1:  As far as I can tell, there isn't a policy or procedure. You have to go to your VA PCP and ask for a referral, that may or may not be given, then deal with the community care office at your primary medical center. They push you to specific providers they like working with in your area, so you don't really get a Choice, you get to accept what they give you because it is easier for them. One point I have seen that is another complication, for my Community Care Authorizations, they expire at the end of the FY, and timing of services is critical, I have one for a Cardiologist that I see every 6 months. Of course specialists are often hard to be and schedules sometimes slip. So you can find yourself with an appointment that the specialist slips because of their schedule changing, but not having an authorization when you show up and missing the appointment and having to deal with CC to get a new authorization and then schedule another appointment which is always weeks later. The process is flawed.  (AJ)  8/29/19

A2:  You must ask approval from your primary care Doctor.  Then they will contact you asking who you want to be treated by and they will make the appointment for you.  (TO)  8/29/19

A3:  Call the number on the "Choice Card." Has to be approved before you can get to an outside doctor.  If you don't have a card, call a Service Officer for help.  (CS)  8/31/19

A4:  You have to go to the nearest v.a. hospital or clinic and apply for the "Choice Program." Once approved thye will send you a card indicating that now you can choose a civilian doctor and call them with number on the card and tell them which doctor medical you have choosen.Then if you need a specialist then tell your primary civilian doctor and he will submit your request to the V.A. then once approved you will get a call from Triwest which is what the V.A. uses as an insurance for us.  (JH)  8/31/19

A5:  https://missionact.va.gov/  (KD)  9/4/19 

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