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Is there any monetary income I can get from the VA for my age?  I filed for several medical problems years ago and all were denied. VA said there was no evidence that problems were related to my 11 1/2 years in the Air Force. I know they were related, but have no evidence to prove it.  I have been forced to retire from working recently due to many health problems. I spent time in the Philippines, Okinawa, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, and England during 1967 to 1980.   If you are over 65 and have many disabilities that I believe are service connected, but the VA believes otherwise, and have denied me benefits in the past, and now even have more disabilities, can I get any compensation for all these disabilities due strictly because of my age? I never went to Vietnam but was all over several of the S/E Asian countries back then. 

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A1:  VA disability compensation is primarily for disabilities. I don't believe VA pays a veteran just because of his/her age. WHO filed the paperwork for you when you filed before the VA? Was there ANY documentation whatsoever provided them? Agent Orange WAS used in Okinawa, Thailand, and other places you served. A good review of all your records would be extremely helpful to a VSO (Veteran Service Officer). Have you spoken to any? God bless.  (GP)  9/1/19

A2:  The rules have changed drastically in the last few years. Have your doctor provide a dianosis letter of what is wrong and possible causes. Then go see a Veteran Service Officer with one of the Veterans Organaxations and file new claim.  (WC)  9/1/19

A3:  I doubt you'll get anything for age. If you were in Thailand during Vietnam war investigate agent orange as a cause for any disabilities. Also, PTSD may garner something.
good luck.  (BD)  9/1/19

A4:  Hi, I'm a Disabled Veteran, too. I'll try to assist you if I can. Number 1: Do you have a VSO handling your VA Benefits Claims? #2 There are several ways to file- Primary, Presumptive, Secondary Compensations. #3 if you can find anyone in your Squadron that remembers you, see if they will write a "Buddy Letter" for you. If you have Non VA Medical records before, after or even during your Service (of Complaint's, psychiatrist evaluations etc) that would help - paper trail, paper trail, you have to have a paper trail!, #4 Letters from friends, Family members about your complaints, disabilities before if you didn't and if you did, did the Military aggregate your conditions? After Service, did they notice or did you complain about conditions? Get a hold of a Veterans Benefits Paper Book it's about $10 I believe. Also, go onto e-benefits, open an account, look and research. Also go to MyHealthevets.com - could help.

In closing, I wish you the best, and word of advise - just because they say "no", doesn't mean for you to give up - Don't!  You remember the old saying where's there's a will, there's a way??  Well, I'm saying from experience, there is!  (SS)  9/1/19

A5:  There are 6 or 7 bases in Thailand that if you were at that have agent orange exposure and it is responsible for several presumptive diseases.  (RR)  9/1/19

A6:  I had apendectomie at Phila Naval Hospital, post op infection,3 corpman jump on me and held me down surgeon slahed open my stomach open puss gushed out of me like a fountain.they packed me every day. 15 yrs later I had perforated intestins, rushed to Garden State Hosp.Opened me up the surgeon took out gauze from 15 yrs ago at PNH. Besides the pain and suffering, im left with Colitus. I have to pay for Oral susspension meds why, they said I waited too long.I have a letter from Operating surgeon saying perforated intestons were directley due to PNH surgery.I suffer to this day, im 73 yrs old. God bless America. No to a vfw, but undocumented refugies get free meds. For god sakes take care of a fighting american vet.I served on the USS Warrington DD843 for 3 & 1/2 yrs 1964 1968 rate SM2.  (SF)  9/1/19 

A7:  Sir, soldiers never give up.I spent all most 20 years filing to va and finally got what I want 90%.  Go back to your va rep and take your paper work . If you can get a letter from Civilian doctor. Then have va rep get a appointment thur va doctors for a revaluation.Do not give up Soldier.  (EB)  9/1/19

A8:  You need to contact the DAV.  (CO)  9/1/19

A9:  There is an age 65 War pension if you were in combat zone.  (MT)  9/1/19

A10:  Did you go to your Primary Care Dr. outside of the VA and have them fill out the coordinating paperwork? They can be found on the VA website. For example if you have eye problems use the form for the Eye Dr. and so on. Good Luck.  (DE)  9/1/19

A11:  Thailand is on the Agent Orange list. Look into the presumptive list of ailments associated with agent orange exposure. I suggest you sit down with a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) and file a claim.  Good Luck!  (MK)  9/2/19

A12:  I filed twice and was denied twice for Agent orange. Said I couldn't prove it.  (AF)  9/2/19  

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