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My step granddaughter is a freshman college. Is she able to apply for her biological grandfather benefits?  He died prior to her birth. It has been over 10 years or slightly more. He was a veteran.  And, I need to have the number or agency that takes in use cars for disable veterans.  Anyone know it? 

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A1:  No. Unless she was legally adopted by her grandfather, she is bot eligible for any benefits. I know this because, although I became my granddaughters legal guardian, and am 100% disabled, she is not eligible for college bennies due to lack of full adoption.  (KD)  9/1/19

A2:  You must before state specific so that we can get accurate answers to questions. Call 988-777-4443 for car donations for veterans in Los Angeles and surrounding counties.  (RW)  9/1/19

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