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I am rated 100% disabled and heard I was eligible for SMC due to loss of use. I have diabetes. Disability came from AO.  Am I eligible for SMC?

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A1:  It all depends their are allot of factors to meet SMC. I suggest that you contact your SVO (Service Veterans Organization) to assist you in determining possible eligibility.  (SR)  9/2/19

A2:  You might go to this site and you will see https://www.hillandponton.com/additional-compensation-smc-k/(JP)  9/2/19

A3:  Yes, you are eligible for SMC K, a little over $100 a month. You do need to have "loss of use" confirmed by a VA doctor and then apply for it.  (DB)  9/1/19

A4:  Yes you are eligible to apply for SMC for loss of use. Make sure the medical evidence from your doctor or a VA doctor verifies your condition before you apply. Include the diagnosis from your doctor with your claim. Use VA Form 21-526EZ.  (KG)  9/1/19 

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