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I am currently rated at 10% disability for hearing loss. My last hearing exam indicated hearing loss of 70%. Now that my hearing is worst, does this qualify me for an increase in my disability rating?

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A1:   You'll need substantial evidence that your hearing loss has worsen because of your type of hearing loss and not just because of aging. When requesting increases, the VA looks for written evidence that a condition has gotten worse than the initial stage, so for instance, if your loss was at 40% or 50% when the VA awarded you 10% compensation and now the loss is at 70%, you'll need to provide evidence documentation showing this reduction in hearing.

Get copies of your most recent exam and don't expect the VA to go looking for such evidence - you should provide it when you apply for an increase. A discussion with you audiologist would help too. Good Luck.  (JL)  1/10/19

A2:  I would advise you to contact a Veteran Service Organization like the DAV or American Legion to help you file your claim for an increase in your hearing loss and or tinnitus. VA only grants maximum of 10 percent for tinnitus so it is vital that you provide recent medical evidence from a doctor that your hearing loss has worsened. A VSO will make sure that your claim on VA Form 21-526 EZ is completed and submitted correctly. Good luck.  (KG)  1/10/19

A3:  It should get you an increased rating.If you are not able to work because of hearing loss, then file for unemployability as well.  (HO)  1/10/19

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