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I have Agent Orange-related diabetes with peripheral neuropathy. I have approved compensation for the condition. I had been taking Metformin from 1999 when I was diagnosed until 2017 along with Lisinopril (for to prevent kidney disease). I am now diagnosed with kidney disease. Can I claim benefits based on the disease?

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A1:  Yes, you can as long as the medical records shows a diagnosis for kidney disease caused by sugar diabetes. File a 21-526ez.  (GR)  9/4/19

A2:  Yes you can, secondary to diabetes. also my doctor took me off Metforimin for that reason and put me on Glipizide instead.  (AM)  9/4/19

A3:  Never stop filing claims if you think you may have a compensable condition. Some of the things that you mention could be side effects of diabetes and might not be stand alone rated. Don't make assumptions, FILE YOUR CLAIM. It would help to solicit assistance from a qualified service officer at your choice of veteran organizations, i.e. VFW, DAV, AM Legion, etc.  (GC)  9/4/19

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