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I worked with computers during Vietnam.  My hearing problem has gotten worse as I got older. The roar of being in the ship with the electronics in 1960 was terribly loud. Now I really pay for it. Any help with hearing aids or other help for me?

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A1:  Yes i do believe you can walk in your local V. A. clinic, get a hearing test and FREE hearing aids.  (BB)  9/4/19

A2:  Yes! If you can demonstrate that you have hearing loss and it could be service connected, (and it seems like you can), contact your closest Service Officer (DAV,Am Legion, VFW, etc)they can help you get compensation. Also, if it's already in your records - you may discuss it directly with your VA Dr. to start the ball rolling.  (KD)  9/4/19

A3:  Yes, you can certainly file a claim for bilateral hearing loss (BHL), bilateral tinnitus, (BT). It may take a little work to get it but you can.  (GR)  9/4/19

A4:  I was an Airdale on a carrier. Didn't get anything for hearing loss but got 10% for the rings in ears.  (JD)  9/4/19

A5:  As of a couple of years ago any veteran, with or without service connected disabilities, can be screened for hearing aids and receive them from the VA as well. However, you must be registered as a patient within the VA. So, if you're not in the VA system yet, go to your local VA hospital, eligibility office, and get enrolled in the VA. If you are in the VA system already, all you need to do is contact your audiology department at said VA hospital and make an appointment to be tested. FYI, depending on their present work load, the your local VA hospital might try to farm you out to a civilian for the eval. I'd suggest telling them you'll wait for an opening to get evaluated at your VA hospital. If the eval shows you have a hearing loss and need hearing aids then the VA will provide them. NOTE: If you do have a hearing loss, you'll need to file a claim with the VBA in order to receive compensation from the VA if you can prove service connection is more likely than not. Good luck.  (TB)  9/16/19

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