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I'm 100% T & P.  I lost my right arm from Agent Orange.  I'm 73.  I just put in for aid and attendance. Does anyone know how much that I would get for that? 

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A1:  Like many other veterans who are entitled to disability benefits, you need to inquire from THE SOURCE that KNOWS. File a claim with the VA. Right now you have no benefit (I think) for what ails you. If you get rejected it's as if you hadn't asked and you haven't yet. If you get rated or awarded you'll be much better off. But it's not just the compensation that is a benefit, there is much more available that could eliminate outside costs for you which would mean that you wouldn't have to use your out of pocket funds. FILE YOUR CLAIM. It helps if you get the assistance of a qualified veteran service officer fron VA, VFW, DAV, Am Legion etc. DO IT.  (GC)  9/4/19

A2:  Not really but you should put in for SMC as well for loss of a limb.  (TB)  9/16/19

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