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My appeal is pending DRO decision...my question is my appeal went from Ready for Decision on Jan 01, 2019, then went to further development on Mar 15, 2019, then went to Secondary Ready for Decision on April 15, 2019, and is currently still at Secondary Ready for Decision as of Sept 03, 2019. Why is it taking this long for this stage? In my opinion, 5 months for me is too long to be at Secondary Ready for Decision stage. 

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A1:  What group is handeling your claim? Have them request a hearing, be sure one of the DSO's are present with you at the hearing. Have all your records stating your condition along with you and the DSO should send them along with the hearing request.  (ML)  9/6/19

A2:  The VA is overwhelmed with appeals.
They blame a lot of the delay on the fact that maybe you didn't opt into the RAMP program and stayed in the LEGACY appeals.  Also, what I found is asking for a DRO review is a "crock".
I also asked for a DRO review and waited 14 months for the DRO to deny and practically state verbatim in the SOC what the original denial said. They send you pages and pages of "fluff", but don't give you any definitive reason for there denial too.  All time consuming, now what?  You appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals. Even more time consuming, however, I truly believe the Board does try very hard to rule in favor of the Vet, if you have a good claim.
So, what I'm trying to convey is that the Regional Offices will prolong claims, one way or the other, in hopes that the Vet will just give up.
If in your heart you feel that you have a sincere and legitimate claim...DON"T QUIT !!  If you can work your claim yourself do it. VSO's are wonderful, but nobody can fight for you like you can fight for yourself.  When it's really taking way too long, start calling the 1 800 #, send inquiries on the IRIS site and get a congressman or a senator involved. You will hear something.  (JD)  9/7/19

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