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My civilian doctor was the first to diagnose my diabetes. When I applied for benefits I also applied for high BP. I was approved for the Diabetes and denied the high BP stating, that I had high BP diagnoses before the Diabetes according to my civilian records. I have talked to several civilian Doctors and it is now my understanding that the BP is taken every visit and would be diagnosed before the Diabetes. Should I now peruse the high BP stating this or is it too late? I am a Vietnam vet and this I believe is a presumptive illness. 

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A1:  Do not give up! I'm a Post Servicer Officer in Warsaw MO. I'd suggest you go to your VA Hospital and have one of the DSO Officer file a update to your claim. Who did you first have file the original claim with? (VFW, Legion etc) they will have your POA, also file for PTSD depending on your MOS file for hearing loss.
If you need more info pls email me.  (ML)  9/6/19

A2:  Hypertension is now AO related. File a new claim for hypertension. You must remember your civilian physicians must state more likely than not it is service connected. Also have you made the doctors aware you were in Viet Nam. A lot of veterans forget to tell their civilian doctors they were in the service, where they were and what happened. The doctors cannot read your mind. Sometimes the vet will not give his primary care all the pertinent info regarding his/her service. Remember civilian doctors nor VA doctors do not file claims. You do! Get with an ACCREDITED VSO from a service organization. VFW AM Legion PH, AmVets or DAV and file.  (GH)  9/6/19

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