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I am a disabled veteran rated at 50% and the VA diagnosed me with prostate cancer a year ago. I’m only 34 years-old, and no one in my family has ever had prostate cancer.  Long story short, the VA did a radical surgery and removed my prostate. I am very depressed and angry and I can’t ever have sex again.  I found out later my PSA was only 1.5, not nearly a case for prostate cancer.  Anyways, a Vietnam veteran in the VA lobby told me I can get $20,000 from the VA because they took out my prostate. What is he talking about and do I qualify for this $20,000?

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A1:  Prostrate cancer is a presumptive illness to agent orange base on boots on the ground in Vietnam and areas in Thailand. To the best of my knowledge, there's no compensation for prostrate cancer unless evidence show it was diagnosed while on active duty or happen within twelve months after discharge.  (AD)  1/13/19

A2:  Contact a VSO (Veteran Service Officer) ASAP to get the truth. Google it.  (WP)  1/13/19

A3:   I've been in the VA system for many years, am at 80% plus the IU=100%, and have never heard about the $20,000.00 thing.  You need to contact a S-O, Service Officer and ask that question.  The VFW, The American Legion, and or the DAV should know about that. Call them.  (CS)  1/14/19

A4:  Your VA Lobby Lawyer friend is wrong. There is no lump-some payment payback for any disease at VA. You were diagnosed with prostate cancer, VA went in and removed it, the cancer went out with the prostate. So it's better to be alive with NO prostate then dead from prostate cancer. Give thanks to God that you're alive! Listen to your doctors, whether they are VA or civilian.
Be Patient, BUT persistent!  Good Luck, My Brother!  (RA)  1/14/19

A5:  Yes if the VA made an error in removing your prostate they should pay you.Also then they should pay you a special monthly compansation SMC-K for the loss of use and being unable to have sex.  (KS)  1/15/19

A6:  If the VA wrongfully removed your prostate, go to you nearest service officer and file an 1151 compensation claim.   (OR)  4/26/19

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