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I would like information on unemployability disability for vets. I understand there is a bill suggesting to remove this benefit when you become of retirement age.  Is this true?

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A1:  Not true.  Every couple the Congressional budget office come up with the idea and they knock it down. So right now there is no bill.  If you have been receiving the compensation. don't worry.  (RE)  1/13/19

A2:  True!  (GH)  1/13/19

A3:  It's not a law yet.  If this ia a law it will be in 2020.  (JD)  1/13/19

A4:  As answer #A1 states, this is not, I repeat, not a law yet. Each year the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recommends to Congress ways to help reduce the $ trillion we currently have in debt. However, it did not pass last year and given all the issues going on in the Hill, it doesn't seem like the House or senate will try massing with veterans' at this time and surely not until after the 2020 elections.  (JL)  1/13/19

A5:  That is one of the items that the GAO has come up with, age 67.  (LB)  1/13/19

A6:  This is ONLY a "planned" recommendation by the Congressional Budget Office. More than likely, if you are receiving Individual Unemployability you will be "Grandfathered" in and anyone obtaining it after 2020 would be affected. As for now, enjoy it;You earned it!  Be Patient but persistent!  Take care, My Brother!  (RA)  1/14/19

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