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During my years in the service I was often used as a guinea pig. For example, the military used me as a test person on Eniwetok Island in early 1948 to determine if atomic radiation was harmful to the human body. I believe because I was repeatedly exposed to radiation, I currently suffer a great deal since the test and was told that I would be compensated for all of my disabilities and am still waiting.  My brain was damaged and I was never able to hold a job since being exposed to so much radiation. The VA wants me to forget about WWII, and I think they want other veterans to forget because their life span is about over and they will be off the hook.  I have suffered severe trauma since 1948 with dreams of burning and low monetary pay for any job I held. There is no way to prove all of this because the time lapse has done away with records. I have had doctors examine me and they all concur that I have had a serious problem for all these years.  What can I do to get the VA to pay me for my disability conditions?

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A1:  I understand that the gov't has recognized the exposure of veterans to radiation testing. I would search for members of the unit you were assigned to, for support.  (MB)  1/14/19

A2:  Does it state in your separation papers that you participated in atomic radiation experiments on Eniwetok Island in 1948? If it does, take that plus your medical doctor treatment documents to your local VA Regional Office and file a claim.  Be Patient and Persistent.  Take Care, My Brother.  (RA)  1/21/19

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