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When I first signed up with the VA they ran me through the basic tests and really did not thoroughly explain anything to me. I did receive some benefits but feel that they are not satisfactory to meet all my problems. How would I be able to get reclassified to include all my service connected disabilities? 

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A1:  First off, get your DD-214 out and ready. See if you can come UP with any medical military records--citations: Purple Heart, CIB, CAR,Sick Bay or Sick Call reports, current medical visits(at VA or Civilian doctors) records. That is what is called: EVIDENCE. Get all of those items together then either go to your nearest VA Regional Office or a Veteran Service Officer at DAV, VFW, Purple Hearts,Etc and start a claim ASAP. This way, you will have a start DATE documented. You can always add more evidence as you acquire it. You have waited all these years, what is one, two or three months to get your claim going the right way?  Be Patient and Persistent!  (RA)  1/16/19

A2:  There is no reclassification. What you need to do is file for the remaining disabilities. Mind you, the claims will be combined and it will take longer for the answer but you will be compensated for everything.   (AP)  1/18/19

A3:  You have to file a new claim or a request for increase.  (AP)  2/1/19

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