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I have submitted my information twice and have been turned down because there is no military files indicating my injury that I fell down a ladder going to GQ in forward engine room. I signed that I was OK when I was Discharged. How was I to know that I had damaged a couple of vertebrates?  When you are so young and wanting to get back home that you just don't think of those things. Also, I was never advised that the Navy would help me back then. I have 20% for hearing and glasses, but now I'm 74 and in a wheel chair most of the time. I think I should get a 100% now. Is it possible for me to secure 100%?  Thank you for any help you may get me. 

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A1:  You need three things to have a successful claim. A illness or injury in service, a nexus of care from service to present, and a current diagnosis. You don't sound like you can prove all three so you wihave a hard time winning your claim. See if the DAV can help you.  (AP)  1/18/19

A2:  Actually, you need one of three things to make a case for your claim: 1. Disease; 2. Injury or 3. An Event. Any one of those three that happened to you while in the military and that you are still being seen or treated by a doctor. Not just a VA doctor BUT also a civilian doctor. That is what's called a "NEXUS" or "a connection or series of connections linking two or more things". So you have to link one or more of those three (Disease, Injury or Event)to the PRESENT. That is your claim.  Be Patient but Persistent.  (RA)  1/19/19

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